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Hi, I'm Mara; a UK-based digital illustrator, lover of sci-fi and fantasy, and fond of birds.

I specialise in creating illustrations from science fiction characters, to Dungeons & Dragons parties, to video game fanart, suitable for use in books, websites, in-game artwork, and album art.

Stylistically I enjoy inserting geometric elements into an otherwise more painterly style, using more clear cut shapes to define rigid bodies, create texture, or to create contrast between different parts of the piece.

My personal work explores a range of artistic concoctions through my interests and hobbies, from Destiny 2 and FromSoftware titles to original pieces inspired by artists such as Simon Stålenhag and retro scifi books.

I like each piece to tell a small story, weaving in small details that begin to hint at a larger world and depth of character to the subjects of the canvas. And despite my proclivity towards the consumption of darker science fiction, I strive to inject a more colourful and playful atmosphere into my artwork.

For information on availability for commissions; check out my Commissions Page.

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I use Clip Studio Paint as my software of choice for digital painting.

A quick rundown of my process involves a base layer of a sketch, 3D model, or photo that I then create a rough painting over. With a rough painting in place I can then clean up the image, often turning the overlaps between strokes into geometric elements while leaving some areas looser and more painterly.

Depending on the piece, I can start with a sketch, a mixture of photos aquired from stock websites or taken by myself, or a 3D reference model from Portrait Studio; a reference creation software made by the artist Istebrak that allows me to create quick 3D scenes and poses for reference.

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